El trapiche



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Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica


Place Description

The first sugar mill arrived in Monteverde in 1948, when Mr. Higinio Santamaría (grandfather of the family), moved from San Ramón to Monteverde. The transfer of made in oxen to the community of Santa Elena.
For 2005 the family takes the initiative to open its doors to tourism and show visitors the Costa Rican culture and the process of extraction of sugar cane and coffee cultivation. Years later we incorporated the process in which the artisanal production of chocolate is shown.
El Trapiche Tour is a family project, which offers a guided tour lasting approximately 02 hours.
The tour begins with a tour of the farm, in which the sugar cane plantations are observed. During the tour you can learn about this crop, its natural history and tastings of the cane and its derivatives are offered.
After this interval, the coffee process is known, which begins by showing our coffee plantations and continues by demonstrating crushing (removing the fruit peel), roasting and how we carry out the coffee processes we offer. Coffee machines are also visited, with which we make the drink loved by Costa Ricans.
Followed by this, we have a wagon tour (if it is to your liking). Starting from the sugar cane plantation and ending at our cocoa station.
In the cocoa station, the process that involves from the pollination of the plant to the production of chocolate will be shown.
After this process, you will go to the Trapiches sector, where you will be able to see how the ox mill and the hydraulic mill work.
The tour ends at the owners’ house, where we will be waiting for you with an arracache hash made by the mother of the family and a coffee product from our farm.

Working Hours

07.00 - 19.00
07.00 - 19.00