Frequent questions

Can I use any type of vehicle to get?

There are three main ways to get to Monteverde. If you come from the central valley, the best route is via Sardinal – Guacimal – Monteverde which is entirely paved. The second most common route would be Liberia – Tilaran – Monteverde, which is not entirely paved, however, it’s the best option if coming from that direction. The third route would be via Las Juntas of Abangares, which has various miles of a narrow, winding, almost entirely paved road, so take precaution when driving this way.

What can I do while in Monteverde?

Most activities here are adventurous activities like: zip-lining, horse-back riding, waterfall rappelling, or other les extreme activities like: hiking in the cloud forest on trails or hanging bridges, coffee farm tours, guided night hikes, amongst others. There are also many restaurants with a view of the gulf for excellent sunset viewing experience.

What type of food can I find in Monteverde?

You can find varying types of gastronomy in Monteverde, including: traditional Costa Rican fare, italian cuisine, vanguardian fare, superb cuts of meat, japenese food, and more.

What is the weather in Monteverde?

Monteverde is known for being nestled in the forest, which means it is usually warm. However, it is known for its two seaons: summer and winter. The heavy afternoon rains are typical to encounter from mid-April to the end of December, however June and July are less rainy than the months of September to November. January to April are our driest and warmest months.