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Monteverde, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

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The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde Offers you the opportunity of enjoying and being part of the most prestigious cloud forest of the world. 24 years ago we established this company, being the First in the Planet to Give a “Canopy Tour”
Our commitment is with the client, because of this we are a 100% committed to offer a personalized quality service. For “The Original Canopy Tour Monteverde” service quality is priority, because of this we make sure our guides receive the required information regarding the area; which we complement with the use of a wide array of specialized equipment used in the activities. Making sure that these hold all the international corresponding certifications, with the single goal of keeping the highest standards for our tours.
The canopy tour holds 10 cables or zip lines, where the largest of them measures around 2625 feet; and the fastest zip line reaches speeds above 60 km/h. It is without a doubt a unique experience; moving through and above the forests canopy, gives you the opportunity to behold the beauty of the Monteverde Cloud Forest and the wildlife it contains; among them the magnificent bird, The Quetzal
However there’s still a lot more to be done, the tour also offers a leap of “Tarzan”, where you will feel your body being filled with pure adrenaline, the “Tarzan swing” is a free fall held by two special ropes, following a swing that reaches the tops of trees; this is part of the tour, however you can decide whether or not you want to do this.
Perhaps the element of the tour most waited for is descending by a rope, known as “Rapel”, this is done from the highest platform in the tour, located at 146 feet high; where following the decent you’ll be greeted by one of the most beautiful and impressive trees of the Monteverde Cloud Forest , you must climb from within this hollow tree, and emerge at the top to the platform located at the peak of the majestic Strangler Fig
To achieve all this you do not need any prior experience, only the wish to live possibly one of the best experiences of your life, our guides will provide you with assistance at all times.
We remind you to equip closed shoes, carry a rain coat in case of rain, and confortable clothes that allow you to easily walk, to this mosquito repellent may be added; and font forget your camera so you so can capture this experience

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